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Holidays and crime

It is this time of the year where most people are going away on holiday for a well deserve rest and spending time with their families and loved ones.

While this is the case, criminals do not rest and will take advantage and crime levels will sore.  A few precautionary measures could be put in place for your peace of mind.

  • Should there be an alarm system check with your alarm company that the alarm is in working order and no previous damage from lightning strikes/thunderstorms.
  • Lock expensive items like jewellery/iPad in a safe away from plain sight.
  • Cancel any newspaper subscriptions for the time of your planned holiday.
  • Arrange with friends/neighbours to look after your house from time to time to see if everything in and around the house is still save and in place.
  • Make sure all ladders or garden equipment is put away which can aid burglars to break into your house.
  • Don’t leave messages on your cell phone or answering machine at home that you will be away during a specific period.
  • Leave contact details with your neighbour or friends should they need to make contact with you for an emergency.
  • Make sure all sliding doors has an extra safety pin should there be no safety door in place.
  • Should you be travelling overseas make sure you have adequate travel insurance in place for any unforeseen circumstances.


May you have a peaceful Christmas and lots of happy memories.

Article by Dorothy Roux
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