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Good review of Marloth Park security company

There are a few security companies in Marloth Park. As can be expected with a holiday township where there are many homes which are vacant at any given time , petty crime and more serious crime like break ins and house robberies will be a problem.

Nadine Edgecomb is part of the Marloth Community Policing Forum and she recently posted the positive testimonial of one local security company:

" Hi Nadine, as you are doing the CPF stats weekly I took the liberty to give you some feedback as to what had transpired at our house this week.

Patrys 3584 Marloth Park – attempted break-in!!

Close to midnight, Sept 5th, we had two alarm notifications on our phone from Securicon, one indicating a glass break and the second an entry into the lounge.

The following happened within seconds from this unfortunate event:

Securicon Control Room phoned and informed us they had already dispatched the duty vehicle. Coenie, who was on duty, was on site within a couple of minutes, Coenie immediately put us at ease confirming the perpetrators did not gain entry. They had broken the back window – fortunately safety glass, however they could not gain easy entry prior to Securicon arriving. In the interim, Adriaan Pretorius (Securicon Ops) had joined Coenie on site. Adriaan made the calls to the police on our behalf – phoned Adele at Glassfit and within a day we had the window replaced. Coenie spent the night at our premises and made sure the broken window was temporarily closed.


Adele and Amber at Glassfit, thank you for your speedy outstanding service!


We truly do not have enough words to thank Securicon and in particular Adriaan and Coenie, for their professional and speedy action taken. Above all they were compassionate and reassuring that our property was in safe hands. To the entire Securicon team, from behind the scene to the hands on GENTLEMEN on site, you rock!!